Classification of Horizontal Coil Winding Machine

1. ordinary CNC Horizontal Coil Winding Machine

it is our common winding equipment. This series of product lines covers a wide range, including small and medium-sized models as well as major models. The control system generally uses single-chip microcomputer circuits. Due to low prices, stable performance, and easy maintenance, etc. Features are widely used in transformer manufacturers.

LV Coil Winding Machine

2.Horizontal Coil Winding Machine

The emergence of automatic winding machines has greatly reduced the winding strength of operators. Our common automatic winding machines generally use cnc controllers, and high-end models use plc and precision servo systems to meet the needs of modern electrical. At present, automatic winding The speed of the wire machine is getting higher and higher, and the processing capacity is also improved. The wire tensioning mechanism is used to make the coil beautiful and neat.

Transformer Coil Winding Machine

3. foil winding machine

Foil winding machine is mainly used for winding foil coils. Its structure and function are much more complicated than ordinary winding machines. Tension control and foil strip correction are the key technologies of foil winding machines. There is still a certain gap between imported and imported equipment. Domestic manufacturers have a relatively high level of investment and attention in this regard, and technical problems are gradually being solved.

Transformer Foil Winding Machine

4.vertical winding machine

It may not be very common for vertical winding machines.

It belongs to special equipment.

Vertical winding machines are commonly used for winding high-voltage coils in large transformers, and vertical winding machines are also used for low-voltage spiral coils.

The working principle and processing range are completely different from our common parallel winding machine.

At present, the vertical winding machine is further developed into a large-scale, and the load-bearing capacity is also continuously improved, bringing the winding production to a new level.

5.three-dimensional coil iron winding machine

The three-dimensional iron core three-dimensional winding machine has a high degree of automation.

It only needs to enter the number of gears of the winding coil on the operation screen to directly display the winding turns, which avoids the artificial calculation errors and number of winding errors of the traditional winding turns.

The device realizes the working mode of the winding staff sitting and winding the coil, which greatly reduces the labor intensity.

At the same time, the three-dimensional winding machine has reversible and power-off memory functions, is simple and reliable in operation, high in efficiency, and is suitable for a range of applications.

Above are main transformer coil winder classification,how to choose the one we really required when facing so many types,4 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Coil Winding Machine helps you.