HV Winding Machine is mainly used for winding a wide range of HV coils for distribution transformers using round and rectangular conductors.


Before the power supply, the customer should put equipment on smooth ground, and put the winding host and wire decoiler in the suitable position. Then Use expansion screws between the machine and the ground.


The correct power supply method for the HV Winding Machine

External power how to correctly connect with equipment

The method of wire connecting is a ‘three-phase five wires system’.

1. open the distribution box

2.Find mark of “N L1 L2 L3 PE” at the bottom right of switchboard.

3. external power connect with five terminal.

4. Plug the electrical decoiler into the aerial plug at the bottom of the machine.


How to operate the Machine correctly:

1. equipment power supply, after the machine connects with power, push up the main switch of the equipment.the touch screen will be light at this moment.

Turn the emergency stop knob on the control panels emergency stop knob

2.: equipment start

Turn the power button to START power button to START

3. coil set

Click Coil set enter into the settings page to input the turns of each section.

(NOTE: number of the second section is the total number of the first section and section. for example, the first section needs to wind 100turns, the second section needs to wind 100turns.the number should input first section:100,second section 200.)

4. Click the winding setting to enter the winding setting interface, INPUT the wire diameter and the width of the wire displacement you need.

NOTE: Do not change numbers in Pallet Jog Distance.

5. Start winding

After finishing the starting point, first reset the current number of turns, accumulated number of turns, and current segment number to zero.

If you start from the left (right) side, please dial the automatic right (left) winding directly.

6. finish winding

When the coil finished winding, take down the coil, corotation, and reversal, auto left and right to the original place. turn the power button to STOP, power will be off, push down the main switch let the equipment power offer.

If you need more detailed instructions, please feel free to contact us