Automatic Distribution Transformer Coil Winding Machine

Suitable for Winding HV coils for Distribution Transformers, Reactor using round and flat conductors.

Transformer winding machine

SHUOHAO(20 Years Producing Experience)

YOU will get after using our Transformer Coil Winding Machine:

  • 30%-200% Speed Increase
  • Quality has risen significantly. By using Automatic Wire Guider, Keep Min.0.01mm gap between each turn.
  • Winding Speed 0-600RPM, Highly Saving your labor costs.
  • Free Training. Improve your worker skill level
  • The operation workshop gets neater.
traing effect


Transformer Winding Machine Price

Transformer Winding Machine Price 

Model GRX-100
Coil Weight after winding 100kg
Coil Diameter 80-400mm
Working Power/Torque 4kw/100NM
Power Transformer Winding Machine

Power Transformer Winding Machine

Model GRX-600
Coil Weight after winding 200kg
Coil Diameter 80-500mm
Working Power/Torque 5kw/200NM
Transformer Coil Winding Machine

Transformer Coil Winding Machine Price

Model GRX-800
Coil Weight after winding 500kg
Coil Diameter 80-600mm
Working Power/Torque 5.5kw/300NM
HT Coil Winding Machine

Automatic Transformer Winding Machine

Model GRX-1000
Coil Weight after winding 1000kg
Coil Diameter 80-800mm
Working Power/Torque 6kw/300NM


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