cnc busbar machine is mainly processing all kinds of copper, and aluminum busbars, the user can shear bend, and punch on the busbar. Higher production efficiency is the ideal equipment for the production of high and low-voltage distribution cabinets.

Main features:

1. Can carry out the punching, shearing, bending at the same can obviously improve the production efficiency compared with the traditional bus processing equipment, and also obviously improves the convenience of the use.

2. The working stroke of each processing unit can be adjusted conveniently (within the limit of travel), therefore, the processing time can be reduced, and the production efficiency can be improved.

3. The processing function by replacing the die also can achieve a variety of purposes, such as vertical bending, embossing and horizontal bending.

4. The machine is equipped with two kinds of operation modes, the manual button, and the foot pedal switch, the operation is simple, the use is convenient and flexible, and the general skilled worker can use the operation easily.


cnc busbar machine Precautions for safe operation:


Before operation

1. Before the operation, there is a safe working environment around the machine.

2. Do not wear a scarf or wear a coat and the like to operate, so as not to endanger personal safety.

3. Work in the right way to stop and get out of danger as soon as possible in case of trouble.

4. Power requirements: three-phase four-wire 380V±l0%+PE.

5. If the ambient temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius, Before working, it should be turned on and no-load operation for 5 minutes.

6. Before the operation, must read the instruction manual carefully, thoroughly familiar with the machine’s structure, performance, and operation method.


On Operation

1. Installation, commissioning (proofreading the mold, adjusting the blade clearance), or disassembling the mold must be operated by a worker who is familiar with the machine in accordance with the provisions of the rules of procedures.

2. When the machine is running, do not put the handle or part of the body between the upper and lower mold(blade), so as to avoid accidents.

3. All debris and tools do not put on the table, to avoid accidents caused by rolling into the mold or knife edge.

4. Because the machine can be operated by several people, there must be someone who is responsible for directing the production.

5. Choice of the shear blade and die clearance and bend corner radius must be based on copper (or aluminum busbar) thickness.

6. In the replacement of the mold must be powered off, so as to avoid danger.

7. In the operation, holding the workpiece to wait for the slider down must be careful.

8. Should regularly check the sharpness of the cutting blade and punching die edge, if it is found that the edge of the blade with a blunt, should be promptly repaired or replaced.

9. To maintain the oil clean and smooth flow of oil, Refuel the moving parts of each unit by each shift.

10. Electrical and hydraulic components must ensure that the action is flexible and correct, If you find any abnormality, you must stop the machine and check immediately.


After operation

After the operation, Be sure to safely shut down the machine in the following sequence:

(1)Turn off each unit work button.

(2)Turn off the power switch on the operating panel.

(3)Turn off the main circuit air switch.

(4)Turn off the workshop power switch.