Proper maintenance of our Winding Machine will help to extend the service life of the equipment, Reduce the chance of failure and make it possible to get the most economical equipment life cycle costs for you.

Steps for Maintenance of winding machine

  • The routine maintenance items of transformer winder mainly include routine lubrication and cleaning, transmission system adjustment, brake adjustment, etc.:
  • Regular oiling and lubrication of the transmission parts of the equipment is the most routine maintenance content. When the equipment is abnormally stuck and running unsmoothly, it should be considered whether the parts lack lubrication;
  • It is necessary to clean the equipment every day. If the electrical circuit board and counting sensor gather a large amount of dust, problems such as controller system failure and inaccurate counting will occur;
  • The adjustment of the transmission system is mainly to check whether the fixing bolts of the transmission motor are loose or not, and check the oil level of the reducer;
  • Brake adjustment is an item that must be checked for regular maintenance of equipment. The control of the accuracy of the spindle parking position depends entirely on the work of the brake. After a long period of frequent work, the brake will wear out the brake pads to a certain extent, and the brake pads need to be adjusted in time. Position to ensure normal braking torque

Maintenance of foil winder

Mechanical maintenance of foil winder

  1. Check the action of the motor running brake before work every day, (whether there is iron striking, normal, nothing abnormal)
  2. Check whether the connecting screws everywhere in the equipment are loose every week
  3. Clean up the expansion and contraction weeks of the lead screw guide rails every week, fill or grease them (No. 46 wear-resistant engine oil)
  4. Check the reducer monthly for oil leakage and oil shortage, observe the oil window to check the oil quantity
  5. Check the wearing parts such as the wire wheel at any time to check the wear and tear, and the wear is serious and needs to be replaced
  6. Regularly check whether there is water vapor in the air pipe. The water vapor is easy to block the pipe and cause poor ventilation and unable to exhaust.

Electrical appliances

  1. Check whether the electrical component joints are loose every month
  2. Check whether the display of the inverter, PLC, servo motor is normal at any time
  3. Overhaul and replace the line once in 5-10 years