High winding tensions foil winder Why does it make noise


1. Noise caused by friction and aging of mechanical parts of foil winding machine

65% of the parts of the foil winding machine are machinery, and most of these mechanical parts participate in the force. If the daily lack of necessary maintenance lubrication and effective fastening will cause the equipment to produce noise during operation, the displacement must be cleaned and lubricated during daily maintenance, and the force-bearing parts must be fastened as necessary.


2. the noise caused by the installation and fixing of the foil winding machine


There are certain requirements for the placement of the foil winding machine. The site is required to be relatively flat, with good ventilation conditions, and the spindle motor is in a high-speed rotation state when the equipment is running. The unevenness of the site will cause the equipment to vibrate and cause a certain amount of noise. The installation of the equipment after it is in place must be effectively fixed in accordance with the requirements.


3. Noise caused by abnormal load of foil winding machine


The processing range of the foil winding machine has been determined during the equipment manufacturing process. If the user uses the equipment beyond the range, the load capacity will decrease. The overload of the motors and machinery causes the equipment to resonate, and noise is generated accordingly. The winding machine used must be within the maximum allowable range.

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