hydraulic busbar punching machine often has several types of failures

hydraulic busbar punching machine Systematic failures and random failures.

Systematic faults refer to certain faults that will surely occur as long as certain conditions are met; random faults refer to faults that occur occasionally under the same conditions. The analysis of such faults is more difficult, usually related to the part of the mechanical structure of the machine tool. Loosening and dislocation, drifting or decreasing reliability of some electrical parts, and high internal temperature of electrical devices are related. The analysis of this type of failure requires repeated trials and comprehensive judgments before it can be eliminated.


Destructive failure and non-destructive failure.

Not allow reproduction of Destructive failures that damage the workpiece or even the machine tool during maintenance.

At this time, we can only eliminate the failure according to the corresponding inspection and analysis of the phenomenon when the failure occurs.

The technical requirements are difficult and there are certain risks.

If the workpiece damaged, we can unload the workpiece, and customize the busbar processing machine, try to reproduce the failure process while being very careful.


There are faults with diagnostic indication and faults without diagnostic indication.

Numerical control systems design with rigorous self-diagnosis programs, which monitor the software and hardware performance of the entire system.

Once find a fault, it will immediately alarm or display a brief text description on the screen. Combining the system with the diagnostic manual can not only find the fault The reason and location of the occurrence, as well as the method of exclusion.

The machine tool manufacturer will also design relevant fault indications and diagnosis instructions for the specific machine tool. Faults with diagnostic indications and various indicators on various electrical devices make it easier to eliminate most electrical faults. Part of the failure without diagnostic indication is caused by the incompleteness of the above two diagnostic programs. This type of failure depends on the working process before the failure, the failure phenomenon and the consequences, and the maintenance personnel’s familiarity and technical level of the machine tool. To analyze and exclude.

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