Hydraulic Busbar Machine Some common troubleshooting methods for electrical faults

Power supply:

The power supply is the energy source for the normal operation of the maintenance system and even the entire machine tool.

Its failure or failure will lose data and cause downtime.

The more serious will destroy part or all of the system.

CNC system position loop failure of Hydraulic Busbar Machine

1.Position loop alarm.

It may be that the position measurement circuit is open;

the measuring element is damaged;

the interface signal established by the position control does not exist, etc.

2.The coordinate axis produces movement without instructions.

It may be that the drift is too large;

the position loop or the speed loop is connected to a positive feedback;

the feedback wiring is open; the measuring element is damaged.

The machine tool coordinate cannot find the zero point.

It may be that the zero direction is far away from the zero point;

the encoder is damaged or the wiring is open; the grating zero mark is shifted;

the zero return deceleration switch fails.

The dynamic characteristics of the machine tool deteriorate,

the processing quality of the workpiece is reduced, and the machine tool even vibrates at a certain speed.

One of the larger ones may be caused by excessive clearance of the mechanical transmission system or severe wear or insufficient lubrication of the guide rail;

for electrical For the control system, it may be that the speed loop, position loop and related parameters are no longer in the best matching state, and the optimization adjustment should be re-optimized after the mechanical failure is basically eliminated.

Sporadic downtime failure

There are two possible situations:

one situation is that the problem in the design of the related software as mentioned above causes a shutdown failure under certain specific operation and function operation combinations.

Under normal circumstances, the machine tool will be re-powered after the power is turned off.

Disappear; another situation is caused by environmental conditions, such as strong interference (power grid or peripheral equipment), excessive temperature, excessive humidity, etc.

This environmental factor is often ignored by people, for example, the southern region places machine tools in ordinary The factory building is even near the open gate, the electric cabinet is open for a long time, and there are a lot of equipment that produces dust, metal chips or water mist nearby.

Mechanical fault of Hydraulic Busbar Machine

The failures of the CNC busbar machine equipment and the mechanical part of the conventional busbar machine can be treated with the conventional busbar machine mechanical fault handling regulations.

However, because the CNC busbar machine equipment and machine tools mostly use electrical control to simplify the mechanical structure, the mechanical failure rate has been significantly reduced.

transmission chains

Since most of the transmission chains of the CNC bus machine equipment use rolling friction pairs, most of the faults in this area are caused by the decline in the quality of motion.

For example, the backlash increases, the positioning accuracy does not meet the requirements, the phenomenon of mechanical crawling, and the bearing noise becomes larger.

(Especially after a mechanical hard collision), etc.

This part of the maintenance is often closely related to the adjustment of the preload of the motion pair, the loose ring and the compensation link.
This part of the fault is mostly related to the automatic tensioning device of the tool holder, the automatic gear shifting device and the reduction of the accuracy of the spindle movement.

Because the CNC bus machine equipment has adopted the electrical automatic speed regulation, the mechanical gearbox device has been cancelled, and sometimes although there is a gearbox, It is also very simple, and the structure is simplified to greatly reduce the failure.

limit switches

The CNC bus machine equipment is equipped with many limit motion limit switches. After a period of use, the motion characteristics of the moving parts have changed, and the mechanical reliability of the press-fit limit switch and the quality and characteristics of the limit switch itself will affect the whole machine. Movement. This requires good inspection, replacement or adjustment.

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