HV Wire Winding Machine is a kind of equipment specially used for winding transformer.

The whole production process is the structure arrangement and winding process between enameled wires.

A winding machine needs many types of automation products, mainly including control system, transmission control, motion control, man-machine interface and sensors.

Compared with the previous manual winding method, the current equipment of the transformer winding machine invented at present is safer and faster.

Transformer winding machines also have different types of transformers and their scope of application.

What are the precautions for winding round coils and square coils on transformer winding machines?

Precautions for winding round coils with transformer winding machine:

This type of coil is one of the common coils, mainly air-core coils and skeleton coils.

The winding method of this coil is relatively simple.

It does not require the winding wheel to be in a high position.

It can be in front of the coil or behind the coil during the replacement process.

Pay attention to the following points when installing the winding machine of the press on time:

(1) Need to adjust the tension moderately, not too large or too small.

(2) Appropriately increase the correction value of the wire diameter according to the process requirements, and adjust the distance between the wires;

(3) When setting the width, pay attention to the deformation of the skeleton. If it is a fetal coil, the width should be appropriately reduced.


2.Precautions for winding square coils by HV Wire Winding Machine

The typical coil is the motor stator coil.

the characteristic is small width and large diameter, and the wire diameter is generally greater than 0.5mm.

When winding such coils, pay attention to controlling the winding speed and tension.

Usually, the exit position of the reel is on the back of the coil.

This exit position can avoid the expansion of the middle of the coil, and the winding speed should meet the requirements of the winding speed of the coil.

The larger the diameter of the coil, the slower the winding speed of the coil, and the faster the winding speed, which will cause the chestnut of the transformer winding machine and affect the quality of the coil.

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