The appearance of Coil Winding Machine has broken the bottleneck of people’s work.  when you choose to buy, you must choose a product with guaranteed quality, so that you can better replace the labor. Let us learn how to choose most suitable type for you as below:

  •  Reasonable purchase of Automatic Coil Winding Machine

According to the different characteristics of the winding process of different enterprises, choosing the appropriate automatic winding machine is the key to ensure its winding efficiency.

1.based on the premise of economy and practicality, according to the technological requirements of the coils required by the company,the winding efficiency of complex coils and the winding speed of high-precision and difficult coils should be solved;

2.Improve employee labor conditions, reduce labor intensity, and increase corporate efficiency;

3.Concentrated working procedures, shortening the product operation cycle, reducing fixture disassembly and production preparation time, achieving flexible automation.

so we need to select targetly, not blindly pursuing high, precisionand large type, but also can not buy obsolete equipment for money saving.

there are many kinds of coil winder now,before you decide,you should know Classification of transformer winding machine first.

  • Whether the daily maintenance of Coil Winding Machine is convenient

The scientific and standardized maintenance is one of the most important means to improve the efficiency of coil winding machines. The maintenance of winding machines mainly includes the maintenance and reasonable utilization of winding machines, and the overall arrangement of the information flow and materials between various CNC equipment,Stream planning and debugging are necessary to realize enterprise network and digital manufacturing.

  • Pay attention to the programming efficiency of coil winding machine

The easy-to-understand NC specifications are also related to the operating efficiency of the winding machine.

The coil winding machine produced by SHUOHAO adopts full English and large screen,code is very easy to is main page of our screen.

coil winding machine

  • winding fixture

Even the advanced numerical control winding machine does not have a reasonable fixture to match it. It is almost impossible to produce a qualified coil product and improve the winding efficiency. Especially in the high-speed winding state, the concentricity and rigidity of the fixture is the prerequisite for high-speed winding.

SHUOHAO promises to design fixture for each customer who purchases the winding machine free of charge. Based on the company’s 20 years of experience, the designed fixture will meet the winder to the greatest extent. It is highly efficient for customers to wind out qualified coils.

The knowledge about how to choose a coil winding machine is introduced here first. If we want to choose a satisfactory product, the above points should be kept in mind. I hope that the introduction will help everyone.