electric foil winding machine In order to develop the power industry and save energy, transformers, welding machines and other windings require low loss and high performance. Foil windings have proven to be an ideal type in practice.In this post,will introduce advantaging of using foil,componet and characteristic for electric foil winding machine.

At present, foil windings are mainly used for low voltage windings of power transformers below 2500kva. In addition to the low-voltage windings of dry-type transformers, their high-voltage wires and electromagnets, electric welding machines, and induction coils have also begun to be used.

Advantages of using foil to replace multiple windings:

1.The ampere-turn balance of high and low voltage coils can be much better than multiple parallel windings. Therefore, the short-circuit resistance should be strong.

2.Simple structure, easy for mechanized production and low processing cost.

3.Small size. The coil fill rate is high.

4.low-voltage DC resistance, easy to balance.

5.The loss should also be small.

The winding can be wound with aluminum foil or copper foil and the insulation layer, and the winding of the oil-immersed transformer must have end insulation. Due to the different capacity of the transformer, the foil tape can be one or two layers, the insulation paper can be one or more layers, and the end insulation can be one or more layers. Consistent. There are two lead wires for the low voltage winding. The coil needs to maintain the tightness of each turn during the winding process.

Component for electric foil winding machine

Electric Foil winding machine is a winding device for foil winding, which consists of foil decoiler,foil feeding unit ,foil cleaning unit include burr and dust clean,centering guide,winding device,Wound coil pressing device,lead bar TIG ,welding device,foil cutting device,layer insulation decoilers,edge filling strip units,PLC control panel

Characteristic for electric foil winding machine

1.Machine using self developed source program and operation program,all production factors such as winding, deviation adjustment, turns control, display and so on,After mathematical operation of PLC control system, different instructions are given,implemented by various systems.

It is very easy to complete mass production of same specification workpiece through inputting relevant working parameters in the large screen touch human-machine interface by operators.

2.All devices can be operated manually through the control button, including jog and linkage.

3.The system can store up to 30 sets of coil data,very convenient for operate and transfer.The counter can be manually counted according to the winding process,When only wind layer insulation,can choose not count.

4.Machine has the function of network communication,easy for system upgrade and update and maintain of subsequent automation programs.

5.automatic deviation adjustment.