Nowadays, the market of Busbar Bending Machine is getting much larger. functions of them are becoming more and more perfect. However, in the face of different types of busbar machines, buyers often do not know how to choose, let us analyze from a professional perspective, how to find a high-quality Busbar machine.

  • According to your Real Needs

First of all, when purchasing a busbar bending machine, you need to choose the required model according to factors such as the material of busbar, thickness, width, processing graphics requirements of the product, the effect to be achieved, and the production site.

  • According to your requirements for bending angle

There are two types for the busbar bending unit.

One type is CNC control:

1.CNC PLC control system, you just input an angle on the touch screen, it can be bending automatically. Angle bending accuracy: +/- 1°

2.double worktable. ensures three-unit can real working at the same time.

the other is manual control. though rotate the button of the Limit switch by hand, and find the numbers you need. then operate bending.

You should choose according to the technical requirements to determine the types of CNC and non-CNC busbar punching and cutting machines. if you often change the bending angle of the busbar , and you require a more accurate bending angle, we suggest you CNC control type. Otherwise, use non-CNC.

  • Pay attention to the material of busbar bending machine

Finally, please pay attention to the various raw materials of the equipment and necessary maintenance materials. When purchasing busbar equipment, the supplier must provide various original materials and maintenance materials for the equipment. By learning and understanding these materials, you can understand the manufacturer’s production capacity. We ignore these tasks and will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble when the equipment is put into production.