Foil Coil Winder the winding mechanism is the part where the device winds the coil.

In our previous articles have introduced the correct understanding of the role of the various structures of the foil winding machine, how to hoist, install, and wire on site. debugging method of the operation panel, and automatic welding structure, deviation adjustment system adjustment.

TODAY let us learn how to adjust the winding mechanism and burr removing mechanism.

Introduction for the winding mechanism of Foil Coil Winder

It is a three-phase frequency conversion motor passing through a turbine worm reducer.

It has the advantages of compact structure, large transmission ratio, small vibration, low noise, low energy consumption, and self-locking function under certain conditions.

The double power is more uniform than the single power winding, and the left and right are symmetrical motors and reducers.

Synchronization adopts encoder tracking pulse type, that is, stepping on the foot switch, the right machine motor is ready, it is in a waiting state before receiving the pulse signal, there is a right machine first start and then stop time in the system settings

(note: The stop time of the right machine must be greater than the deceleration time of the main (left) machine, otherwise the two may not be synchronized when stopped),

if the first machine’s first start time is 1S, that is, after the foot switch is activated, the right machine waits for 1S After the two are started at the same time, the encoder signal of the right machine transmits the changed pulse to the right machine in real time with the increase of the speed, and compares it with the pulse of the right machine encoder, that is, the right machine follows the left machine at all times. What comes out is that the two run synchronously.

Several reasons for out-of-sync issues:

1. The set of The start and stop times in the system settings are not correct or are all 0.

2. The coupling between the encoder and the motor is loose or broken.

3. there is a disconnected place of encoder cable.

Check the cable between the PG card and the encoder.

4. The PG card on the inverter is damage, and replace it with a new PG card.

5. The encoder cable is disturbed by the external power line and the encoder shield is not grounded.

6. The reduction ratio is not completely the same after replacing the reducer. Change the electronic gear ratio on the inverter.

Adjustment for burr removing of Foil Coil Winder

The burr removing mechanism is a device for removing burrs on the edges of the foil.

The cylinder drives the rotation of the shaft to press down the burr wheel to achieve the purpose of removing burrs.

The device is relatively simple but there are problems.

The lack of pressure is mainly due to the low air pressure or the relative slippage of the cylinder shaft connection and the lack of locking, and the two wheels are not parallel to the optical axis, and the wheels are not in contact while touching the foil, mainly because the assembly is parallel or The two wheels are not exactly the same, and the use requirements can generally be achieved through adjustment.

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