Copper Foil Winding Machines layer collecting mechanism is the place where the layer insulation is placed.

The adjustment of the layer insulation is adjusted by a manual hand wheel (5mm for each rotation).

The starting position of the insulating paper is very important.

The position of the insulating paper should be adjusted according to the position of the foil on the main shaft.

There is a metal disc on the inflation shaft (the position can be adjusted and fixed according to the position of the insulating paper).

Close to the disc, the insulating paper is positioned to inflate and lock the inflation shaft.

A more prominent problem here is that the connection between the motor and the reducer of the inflatable shaft is not in a straight line, which causes the motor to run, the coupling noise is too large, and the motor current is high.

The fault of the stacking motor is judged by PLC and inverter like other motors, and it is adjusted to the best state according to the parameters used by the stacking motor.


Uncoiling mechanism of Copper Foil Winding Machines

The unwinding mechanism is a device for placing foil.

During the winding process, the unwinding motor provides backward tension for the foil.

The tension can be given by the potentiometer on the operation panel (some of which are input by the screen through the PLC analog quantity).

Torque mode, while unwinding and rewinding is speed mode, at this time if the motor does not rotate, it will overload alarm.

The default speed of winding and unwinding is 8Hz.

If it feels too slow or too fast, you can adjust it properly.

The unwinding machine moves left and right on the guide rail to play the role of deviation adjustment, and the power comes from the deviation adjustment servo motor.


Distribution Cabinet

The power distribution cabinet is the heart of the whole device.

All signals have to pass through here and then pass the signals to the executive part.

Electrical maintenance is mainly here. Safety issues should be put in the first place, and 380V power and 24V control power should be distinguished.

The maintenance circuit must be powered off before operation, or after testing with an instrument, and the exposed cable should be wrapped with insulating tape to avoid electric shock.

The equipment body, power distribution cabinet and shielded wire should be grounded.

Since the swing arm and the body rotation are insulated, the operation panel (with 220V AC power supply) should also be grounded with a ground wire to ensure the safety of people and equipment!

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