Layer Foil Winding Machine the deviation adjustment system is the most important PART in winding.

The tidyness of the winding coil is an important parameter to measure the performance of the equipment.

below will tells you the deviation adjustment Debugging Method.

  • Center reset of Layer Foil Winding Machine

before placing the foil, center the deflection control panel .

ensure that the foil moves the same distance from side to side during the deflection process.

  •  Mold positioning

Before the winding starts, the left end (the end of the main shaft reducer) of the foil (the line can be regarded as the end of the foil before the foil is placed) is positioned first (depending on the customer’s production requirements).

the foil is measured after the position is determined.

The vertical distance from the left end surface to the plane of each axis bracket is set to a

  • Put foil of Layer Foil Winding Machine

The distance between the inner edge of the foil and the plane of the bracket should also be adjusted to a

(this distance is about the digital eye automatically adjusted to a during the digital winding process)

  • Electric eye positioning.

Pull the foil to the winding position of the main shaft, the left end of the foil should pass through the center of the electric eye, and measure the distance a from the left end of the foil to the plane of the bracket (a at this time should be as accurate as possible).

Lock the electric eyes when the position of the electric eyes is adjusted to turn on one red and two green in turn.

  • Adjust the sensitivity and balance.

The adjustment control panel has a row of indicator lights, which can be adjusted according to the number of indicators.

If at this time the middle red light and the right green light are on, turn the balance knob to the left until the middle red light is on.

Then, rotate the sensitivity button to the right by one grid or so.

If the panel appears again with one red and two green on the right, continue to rotate the balance button to the left.

According to the past experience, when the sensitivity button is adjusted to the penultimate cell (or less than the second cell), device vibration will occur.

At this time, the sensitivity is too high, and the sensitivity should be reduced until there is no vibration position.

The red light is on or the middle red light is on and the two green lights on both sides are blinking.

  • Precisely adjust the position of the electric eye.

After the first four steps are adjusted, let the device wind around 6 times (the device will automatically align).

Observe the deviation between the left edge of the auto-alignment and the positioning.

If the position of the auto-alignment is shifted to the right by 5mm, move the electric eye to the left.

The distance of the plane of the support is reduced by 5 mm.

and the foil is retracted and wound from the beginning.

At this time, from the first circle, the correct position of the foil can be automatically adjusted by the electric eye.

The adjustment of insulation paper (DMD) is similar.

This adjustment is manual, which is simpler than the adjustment of foil and will not be described in detail.

The regularity of the purchased DMD determines the regularity of the DMD in the wire package.

Several reasons that affect the irregular winding of the foil:

1.the starting point position is inconsistent with the position of the electric eye

2.the foil itself has S-bends

3.the thickness of the mold is uneven

4.the welding is not vertical, which causes deviation at the beginning.

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