Copper Foil Winding Machine Commissioning In the last article, we introduced the correct understanding of the role of the various structures of the foil winding machine, how to hoist, install, and wire on site.
In this article, we come to understand the specific debugging method of the operation panel and automatic welding structure.

Copper foil winding machine operation panel Commissioning


the operation panel is a platform for human-machine communication.

all commands must be given through the panel.

  • Inspection work before power on

check the three-phase AC voltage before power-on to prevent motor vibration or burn-out caused by lack of phase.

normally, if there is an inverter, it will automatically alarm for lack of phase.

  • Inspection work after power on

After ensuring that there is no error, press the start button to check the power of the device, including checking whether each action is the opposite or whether each button has an output indication;

if there is no output, check the PLC according to the drawing and the module.

(module here refers to the PLC’s extended input and output points, the role of the module increases the input and output points of the PLC host to meet more input and output points For the input and output points of the electrical equipment)

the corresponding green light on the PLC indicates that there is input or output;

if there are input and no output, check whether the air pressure button is turned on, and all the buttons have output only when the air pressure button is turned on by default.

if there is input, output no actions and output indication shows that the 24V voltage output by the PLC does not act on the relay or voltage has acted on the relay but the relay has no action;

(with or without action can be observed Corresponding to the green light on the relay, it lights up to indicate that the relay is operating).

if the contactor has no action (observing whether the contactor is closed).

Check whether the output of the contactor has electricity;

if there is electricity, it can basically be judged as a contactor The cable to the load fingertip is broken. Check the power line.

Copper foil winding machine Automatic Welding Structure Commissioning


The automatic welding structure is the first equipment we should use before winding the coil.

the structure equipped with a special argon arc welding machine.

For the welding of foil materials, some operators may need to be trained.

Due to the different welding machines, some operation buttons may be inconsistent.

The training personnel must be familiar with the operation of the welding machine in advance to better train the operator.

The welding of the foil must meet the requirements of the customer.

  • The factors affecting the welding quality

The current size (according to the thickness of the material. the thicker the material, The greater the current),

the flow rate of argon gas (if the flow rate is too small, it will not prevent oxidation and cooling; if the flow rate is too large, the waste is serious)

the welding speed (if the speed is too fast, the welding is not strong or Welding can not be achieved,)

welding torch angle

welding distance


all the above directly affects the quality of welding.

  • How to Welding Properly

Before welding, tighten the copper (aluminum) row and the foil with strong pliers.

(note: the row must be perpendicular to the end of the foil or else it will affect the neatness).

Try not to leave gaps (affect the welding effect) and place it on the welding table.

To highlight the welding table 3-5mm, press the welding pressure button

loosen the pliers, and then use a hammer to press it Knocked together.

When welding, make sure that the cooling pump of the welding machine runs normally and the supply argon gas is normally.

after Welding starts well, Welding can be farther away.

there are High-frequency electromagnetic fields and infrared radiation and ozone during welding.

The operator must wear a protective helmet and other effective measures.

should install exhaust equipment in the workplace to pay attention to ventilation.

When the welding is completed, the operator should turn off the welding switch in time to avoid welding to the welding table and causing damage to the welding table.

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