why need to upgrade transformer machine packaging?

During the export process, our transformer machines are generally transported by road, ship, and then by road.

During these transportation processes, about 8 times of handling and storage are required.

If the packaging is not suitable, it is easy to cause the following situations:

1.The packaging strength of the wooden box is not enough, and it is easy to cause damage to the outer box.

2. The cargo hoisting method is not simple and reliable, causing damage to the wooden box.

3. Failure to consider the environmental and climatic conditions during transportation and storage at the destination, and failure to do a good job of preventing rust and moisture caused the equipment to be damp and rusty.

How to upgrade packaging?

In order to ensure that our equipment reaches the customer site safely, we have upgraded the packaging at the end of 2021.
The upgraded packaging is as follows.

1.the whole machine is wrapped with plastic sheet to prevent the corrosion of seawater vapor during transportation.

In order to prevent the equipment from shaking during transportation, we have done the following three steps for packing

2. the bottom of the machine is fixed on the floor with screws to prevent the equipment from shaking due to collision.

3.secure the device with straps again to prevent machine shaking during transportation

4. Limiting blocks are placed on both ends of the equipment to prevent the equipment from shifting due to the loosening of the bolts of the fixed equipment in case of excessive impact, and it will not directly collide with the cabinet and cause the cabinet to be damaged.

5. there are packing guard irons on the outer four corners of the packing box to ensure that the box is not deformed when hoisted.