Copper busbar machines are mainly used in the manufacturing of switchgear, power transmission, and distribution transformers, and are used to process copper and aluminum busbars of various specifications. How to maintain the busbar machine in daily work to extend its service life?

  • How often do you add various motor oils?

The moving parts of the three units of the busbar bending and cutting machine should be lubricated before shifting. Lubrication should be added before each shift;

The bus processing machine works 50 times per die, cutting die and bending die. Can be used once after lubrication;

The characteristics of wear-resistant hydraulic fluids change and tend to solidify every 6 months or after 5000 to 20,000 hours of use. Generally, the oil should be changed after 5,000 hours of use, otherwise the color of the oil will turn brownish black.

Prior to work, the bus processor and the work surface of each unit should be oiled and maintained.

  • Precautions when the bus bar is bent

When the busbar machine bends the raw material, the center position of the bending raw material must be aligned with 0 degree of the copper bar bending machine scale.

If they are not aligned, the bending operation will begin.

It is necessary to know the maximum bending of the material. What is the angle, because the maximum angle of many materials is 90 degrees, if it exceeds this angle, the material will be damaged, making the material very easy to break.

After the copper bar bending machine completes a series of bending operations, check whether the blade of the copper bar bending machine is deformed. If it is bent, please adjust or replace it with new one in time.

  • When using copper busbar machines, please note the following:

1. Check the fuel level of the fuel tank once a week and check it after repairing the hydraulic system. When the oil level under the oil window is high, fill it with hydraulic oil.

2. Clean the oil tank every time you change the oil.

3. System oil temperature should be between 35c ° -60c °

4. The filter should be replaced or thoroughly cleaned every time the oil is changed

5. If there are alarms related to the copper busbar machine or the oil is not clean and other filters are abnormal, they should be replaced.

6. The air filter should be inspected and cleaned every three months. It is best to change it once a year.

7. The hydraulic components should be cleaned monthly to prevent dust from entering the system. Do not use cleaning agents.

8. After using the new machine for one month, check whether the tubing is bent. If it is deformed, replace it under abnormal conditions.

9. After using for two months, please fasten all attachments. When doing this, turn off the machine and the system is pressureless.