busbar processor is mainly for high and low voltage complete sets, high-pressure cabinets, low-pressure cabinets, box-type substations, automation equipment, and other industries.

busbar processing machine is mainly used for the copper row shearing, punching (round hole, long round hole, square hole and other shaped holes), bending (flat bend, vertical bend, U-bend), embossing and other processing.

  • shear station of busbar processor

the shear station now has three main ways to cut.

1. oblique shear type, the copper row is no waste but section is oblique.

2.punching shear type, this cut structure on the knife is a blade, under the knife two blades.

cut the copper row on the knife cut two pieces under the knife of the center, so that the copper row cut will appear after a scrap of 8mm.

3.double-column shear structure, SHUOHAO company patent.

the biggest advantage is that there is no waste and can ensure the flat section.

  • punching station

Punching station is now mainly three processing methods.

1.frame non-unitary structure type.

this structure production assembly cost is low, this structure up and down the mold is not in a whole.

after long-term use is easy to cause up and down the mold eccentricity.

mold eccentricity is easy to cause damage to the punching mold.

2.single-arm structure.

this punching structure for the up and down the whole, mold hole for the processing center one knife processing, improve the concentricity of the mold, effectively reduce the damage to the mold.

3.turret structure. SHUOHAO company patent.

up and down in one whole, turret type can put several molds at one time, highly improve working efficiency.

  • bending station

There are two main ways of bending station structure.

1. open type.

the advantage is the copper row bending when the upper and lower copper row convenient.

the disadvantage is that the copper row bending good angle is prone to the same up and down angle is not consistent, resulting in the copper row in the shell installation screw hole installation.

2.closed type.

the advantage is the upper and lower structure is solid, the copper row bending good angle is consistent up and down.

the disadvantage is that the upper and lower copper row is not convenient