automatic winding machine is equipped with speed adjustment functions at present to meet different winding requirements.

With the development of large-scale integrated circuits and computer control technologies.

the application of modern control theory, AC frequency conversion speed regulation has become the main speed regulation method of winding machine .

modern AC speed regulation technology has a wide range of speed regulation, high speed stability range and speed accuracy, fast dynamic response,so that the speed control performance has been greatly improved.

advantage for variable frequency speed regulation

Under the environment of advocating energy saving and low carbon, the variable frequency speed regulation has an absolute advantage.

its speed regulation performance and reliability are constantly improved.

especially the frequency conversion speed regulation power saving effect is obvious.

it is easy to realize process automation.

Recognition of the winding machine industry and other industrial industries.

how AC frequency conversion technology applied in winding machine

AC frequency conversion technology has good smoothness and high efficiency when adjusting speed.

At low speeds, the characteristic has a high static shut-off rate and relatively good stability.

If the automatic winding machine is not smooth during speed adjustment, the problem of wire breakage and out-of-step of the winding system will occur.

It is good to use an inverter.

To avoid such problems, the winding machine often needs a wide range of high-precision speed regulation in order to meet the winding process of different processes, which is very consistent with the speed regulation characteristics of the frequency converter;

the control system of modern winding machines generally uses Digital integrated circuits are difficult to match with DC governors and electromagnetic governors.

The inverter can be directly controlled by integrated circuits, which is easy to realize process automation.

Compared with traditional winding machines, winding machines using frequency converters can save 15% -30% of electrical energy.

It is a very promising modern speed regulation method.