Automatic Foil Winding Machine mainly include Foil unwinding device,Feeding device,Cutting device, Winding device, Welding device. Below will introduce function of main parts of Foil Winding Machine and how to analyze and solve the possible failure of them.

  • Foil unwinding device of Automatic Foil Winding Machine

It plays the role of supporting the unwinding of the roll.

The main shaft is driven by an oil motor and can rotate back and forth.

The main shaft has a grooved wheel and a friction disk.

the machine base has a bolt pulled by an electromagnet.

When the plug is inserted into the groove of the sheave, the friction torque causes the main shaft to passively rotate when it is subjected to a resistance torque.

can adjust the resistance torque by turning the nut to press the spring, or the plug can be removed from the groove of the groove by the electromagnet When the groove is pulled out, the oil motor reverses to make the main shaft rotate passively, and the resistance torque is generated.

The so-called main shaft passive rotation is generated during feeding or winding.

When feeding or winding material, a small tension must be generated on the foil.

In order to push the detection lever for coarse deviation.

When the diameter of the material roll is small, it is braked by friction.

when the diameter of the material roll is large, it is braked by the reverse rotation of the oil motor.

The signal of the roll diameter measuring pendulum determine the judgment of the size of the material roll.

If the electromagnetic plug is not pulled out due to an electrical failure or mechanical lock and the oil motor is turned on at the same time, the tension will be too large and it is abnormal.

  • Feeding device:

the foil belt passes through its coarse deviation detection rod and supporting roller.

the coarse deviation detection rod is suspended on the lower link to swing left and right.

The upper end of the left link pulls the spool of the deflection valve through the steel wire.

To ensure that the foil strip is within the range of fine adjustment.

The detection rod can be moved and adjusted on the lower link to ensure that the left edge of the foil strip is around the engraved line of the roller,

If the corrective action fails:
(1) The wire connected to the spool is broken or disconnected.

The method of replacing the wire or tightening the wire is to fasten the wire at one end of the spool first.

then twitch the other end of the wire.

and place the cylinder in the case of passing oil In a critical state, the screws can be tightened.

(2) When the detection lever is in the free state (that is, the foil tape does not touch the detection lever), the deflection adjustment cylinder still pushes the unwinding device to the right.

At this time, the position of the spool of the deflection valve is shifted to the left.

Loosen the screw of the wire connection and pull the spool to the right to make the cylinder return and tighten the screw after being in a critical state.