Different types of Busbar Bender have different effects, and there are some gaps in the types and functions of processing.

Today, I will tell you the specific role of the Busbar Bender.


high and low voltage switchgear and transformer manufacturing industries will use busbar bender.

It is used to processing copper, aluminum, and copper bars of various specifications.

Composition for Busbar Bender

1. The busbar processing machine mainly includes three processing units: punching, cutting, and bending.

By manual or footswitch, the copper bars can be punched, cut, and bend individually or simultaneously.

The machine is efficient and easy to use.

Equipped with 24V machine lights for local lighting.

2. You can easily adjust the working schedule of each processing unit to reduce processing time and improve production efficiency.

The busbar processing machine can also realize various processing functions by changing the mold, such as punching oblong holes, folding straight bending, flat bending, embossing, and flattening.

3. The bending unit adopts closed structure and horizontal processing to ensure the structural strength of the bending unit.

The busbar processing machine can complete the bending, bending, embossing, and flattening of the workpiece by replacing the bending mold.

4. The punching and shearing processing unit adopt the vertical processing method.

There are two operating modes: a manual button and footswitch with busbar processing machine.

It is easy to operate, flexible, and easy to use, and easy for technical workers to use.

5. There are walking wheels with four feet, which are convenient for moving and jacking leveling devices, and easy for installation.

In the substation, the number of low-voltage copper rods in the substation is large, and the operation is frequent. The distance between the three-phase lines is close. The equipment manufacturing quality standard is low, and the failure rate is much higher than that of high-voltage copper rods and main transformers.