cnc coil winding machine is mainly divided into small machine, medium machine and large machine.
it is according to its structure and processing capacity,
The structure is generally composed of the main shaft of the power box, the support tailstock, the electrical components and accessories
So what role does the support tail play in the automatic winding machine? Under normal circumstances, the support tailstock is used to maintain and fix the concentricity of the winding shaft, so that the automatic winding machine has better stability and stronger bearing capacity. Its structure is roughly the same as that of the ordinary lathe tailstock. In the winding machine, it mainly has the following types

1. Manual tailstock device for cnc coil winding machine

It mainly relies on the operator to move the lever or turn the handle to achieve the movement of the thimble rod.

The advantages of this structure are simple operation, durability, low failure rate, no need for external auxiliary devices, and are generally used in small computers.

2. Pneumatic tailstock device

The pneumatic tailstock uses the cylinder to push the thimble rod to realize the movement of the thimble.
The advantage of this structure is that it moves fast and is easy to operate.
An external air source is required as power, and most of them are used in automatic winding machines and medium and large-scale equipment.

3. Hydraulic tailstock device

Using hydraulic pressure to promote the movement of the thimble bar, this structure can withstand higher loads.
The advantages of the structure are high stability and strong bearing capacity. Generally used for large winding machine